European inspired, artisanal baked goods lovingly created
using only organic and natural ingredients.

Natural is best! How ingredients are grown or raised reflects in our baked goods, this is why we only use organic ingredients.  Absolutely everything is natural.

NO artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners in our creations.

NO pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers used in growing the crops.

NO antibiotics, growth regulators or feed additives used in raising animals.

NO GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) at all.

Logan Eat Safe

We received five stars!

We are so excited that we received five stars with the Logan Eat Safe program. What does that mean for you, the customer? It means you can rest assured that we are fully compliant with excellent food safety management practices.

Our Organic Bread & Baked Goods

Knead to Bake’s owner and principal Baker and Pastry Chef Stéphane, lovingly bakes his all natural organic breads and delicate baked goods, fresh to order each day. This is a great way of knowing exactly what’s in the bread you’re serving your family. Enjoy pastries and baked goods of the highest quality and what’s better than having them delivered, straight to your door.

Locally Sourced Ingredients From Ethical Suppliers

As avid animal lovers, it was very important when purchasing any animal products, that the animals themselves have a loving, free range and nurtured life. We purchase from small farms where the chickens are free to roam (1500 hens per hectare) and dairy cows are raised by a rural scientist who specialises in Animal Nutrition. His cows are free to roam on his beautiful organic farm.

Our Environmental Footprint

Sustainability and our environment is Knead to Bake’s priority. All materials used in our business including: business cards, packaging (even down to the ink) and promotional material are biodegradable and compostable, lessening our environmental footprint.

Knead to Bake VIP'S

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