Organic Baked Goods

Delivered to your door!

European inspired, artisanal bakery wares lovingly created
using natural & organic ingredients.

You won't find any additives artificial flavours artificial colours artificial sweeteners GMO in our creations

Meet the Baker

stephane guzzante

Chef Stéphane Guzzante

“Baking is about respecting your ingredients and using your flair to craft delicious creations that bring family & friends together. It was also important that my family eats well and that the ingredients are natural and healthy. Even the treats, like cakes, whilst may not be an integral part of your diet, they are certainly an integral part of happiness. I wanted to make sure that these delicious treats were also as healthy as possible. You won’t find any numbers or additives in my goodies…only the best, wholesome ingredients.”

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Locally sourced ingredients

It's important to choose to support our local farmers and businesses, so at Knead to Bake, we try and source as many items locally as possible. When purchasing our animal based products, as avid animal lovers, we felt it was important that the animals themselves have a loving, free range and nurtured life. We purchase from small farms where the chickens are free to roam (1500 hens per hectare) and dairy cows are raised by a rural scientist who specialises in Animal Nutrition. His cows are free to roam on his beautiful organic farm.


Organic ingredients

Lovingly baked all natural organic breads and delicate baked goods, fresh to order each day. This is a great way of knowing exactly what's in the bread you're serving your family. Enjoy bread, muffins, petit cakes, and jams of the highest quality and what's better than having them delivered, straight to your door.


Our environmental footprint

Sustainability and our environment is one of Knead to Bake's priorities. Most materials used in our business are biodegradable and compostable, lessening our environmental footprint. You will find instructions on our packaging, whether you can compost it or recycle it, on the label or printed on the box/bag. For deliveries, we no longer print out invoices, but instead, send it via email.

See what we're creating now...

Why not try a traditional Swiss breakfast and purchase a Tresse? Delicious toasted with butter or simply cut and spread with jam

New to the menu, our delicious Organic Country Sourdough Cob. Made with levain and no yeast, plus it’s vegan!

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