Yes, Knead to Bake is pleased to offer some Gluten Free items on our menu. As we develop our menu, these options will increase. You will find them in the Gluten Free Section of the menu. We only use all natural gluten free ingredients, organic where possible, for our Gluten Free products. It is important to point out that we are not a gluten-free bakery and cannot ensure that gluten will never occur. We are very strict with cross-contamination and have processes in place to minimise this happening, however, as there may be gluten in the air and on work surfaces, if you are a Celiac or are allergic to gluten, we suggest purchasing from a completely gluten free environment. 

Our recipes are triple tested and work well with their current components. Some recipes are already catering to some allergy sufferers but unfortunately, we cannot adjust a current recipe to cater for a specific allergy or circumstance.

We don’t cater for specific diets but as we have dietary codes listed under each product, it makes it easy for customers to determine if something is suitable for them or not. We do have options for Vegans, Gluten Intolerant and those allergic to nuts and eggs. We also have some items available for those cutting sugar from their diets. Please see the dietary codes under each item.

We don’t organise next day deliveries as our items are baked fresh. However, if you know you won’t be home, you can authorise to have your item left in a safe location, away from weather, insects and animals. Simply leave the exact location you want your items left in the comment section of your order. If you have requested ‘authority to leave’, Knead to Bake won’t be held accountable for any orders that are stolen or damaged. You can have your order sent to your work address instead, if that is more suitable.

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