Organic grains…why are they better?

By Melanie Guzzante

Organic bread and pastries contain organic ingredients including organic flours (stone-ground grains).

Organic grains have been produced without toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides. The old conventional way of farming: chemical sprays to kill weeds and artificially improving soil with synthetic fertilisers, has actually led to polluted waterways, washed out nutritionally devoid soils, weeds that have become resistant to herbicides and reduced biodiversity. This has resulted in crops producing inferior, nutritionally barren produce.

These nutritionally devoid grains are then processed, refined and sent to bakers who then add preservatives, additives and inferior ingredients to create items that are not only bad for our health but also bad for the environment.

When you choose an organic bakery or an organic product, what you are choosing is bread and pastries that contain all natural, healthy wholefoods, rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These can help boost health and not deplete it.

Organic farming does not use any toxic chemicals or artificial fertilisers. The soil is nourished, resulting in a healthy, pure and vibrant plant. Organic farming also means there are no genetically modified organisms.

We feel it is very important to support our farmers who choose organic farming as well as all producers in the supply chain who have your health and the wellness of our planet as their number one priority. In this day and age of convenience food, it’s important that we choose items as close to nature as possible, with as little chemicals as possible to allow our bodies to achieve their optimal performance.

At Knead to Bake we proudly use and support our supplier of Organic Flours – Kialla Pure Foods!

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