Swiss Morning Breakfast

Tresse ProvingTresse, in Australia, we probably think of hair…. long tresses or plaits. The thing is, it means so much more in Europe!! Tresse is the name of the bread loaf that is very commonly eaten on a Sunday morning. 

Why do they call it tresse?

Well, simple really… looks like a plait. It is three rolled out pieces of dough that is lovingly criss-crossed into a delicious free formed loaf. Tresse Cooked

 So how do we make it?

We’re all about natural and organic ingredients. We use Certified Organic Unbleached Plain Flour, Certified Organic Coconut Sugar, Certified Organic All Natural Yeast, Certified Organic Free Range Eggs, Certified Organic Whole Milk, Certified Organic Unsalted Butter and all natural Murray River Pink Salt. That’s it! No nasties and nothing artificial, including no preservatives. So you’ll need to eat within the first few days after baking.

It is great on it’s own, especially as it has been freshly baked the day you pick it up or have it delivered. It is also scrumptious with a little dab of butter, or some jam.

How long does it last?

We don’t use any preservatives and no artificial ingredients of any kind, so it won’t last long. We recommend eating it within three days and towards the third day, it is best toasted.

Sound delicious? Why not try a loaf today……order now!!

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